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2020 Holiday Tips


The holidays can get you off track with your goals so here are some suggestions to keep you moving forward with your eye on the finish line…


  • Share your dietary preferences or restrictions with your host. Most people are willing to accommodate you if they know what works for you.
  • Bring a dish to share that you know you can eat.
  • When in doubt, eat before you go so you won’t be starving and tempted to eat something that sounds great in the moment, but makes you feel lousy afterwards.
  • Find ways to make your favorite dish healthier – look for substitutes to keep you within your food parameters while maintaining a similar look and taste as the original (almond or coconut flour instead of wheat, dates or monk fruit instead of sugar, less sugar, healthier oils or fats, more/new spices, etc.).
  • Remember why you’re getting together with friends and family – make it more about the people and the festivities and less about the food and beverages.
  • Practice Gratitude.
  • Get together for something other than food – games, crafts, ball games, movies, etc.
  • Have a soup swap rather than a cookie swap – have everyone bring a soup to share (in gallon bags or mason jars) or bring ingredients and hang out in the kitchen and cook. Then you’ll have soup in your freezer for the cold winter months.
  • Finally, NO MATTER WHAT, enjoy who you’re with, what you’re eating/drinking, what you are doing and if it isn’t quite in line with your goals… Don’t beat yourself up, get back on track and know that you’re just living life and doing the best you can at every moment.


I like to say Progress not Perfection – we all have a life to live and it doesn’t always fit into a nice, neat package so find what works for you. Happy Holidays!



My Nutrition Thing is located in Bend, OR. Working with me is not limited to Central Oregon. I will arrange to meet with you at a convenient location or online via Zoom meetings.



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