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April Wellness Tip


Move your body! Now that the warmer weather is here, it is the perfect time to get outside and start moving. Regular moderate exercise is imperative to staying healthy.

The old “Calories in-Calories out” method of dieting does not work because 1) the body doesn’t know what a Calorie is and 2) there is a HUGE difference between 1,000 Calories of Vegetables and 1,000 Calories of Jelly Beans. So don’t exercise to burn Calories, exercise to maintain muscle mass and tone. As Dr. Mark Hyman said, “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.” Likewise, you also can’t diet your way to a six-pack. You have to have both a healthy diet and an exercise routine.

There is no one way to exercise and every body responds differently. The trick is to figure out what works for you.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to start:

Do I like to exercise inside or outside?

Do I like to work out alone or with a friend?

Do I like to take classes or just use equipment?

Do I want a competitive environment or just blend in with others?

Do I have any health issues or injuries that would prevent me from participating in any specific type of exercise?

What do I love to do?

Asking these questions will help you find some activities to try so you can find one, or a few, that work to keep you moving and eventually hitting your health or weight loss goal. Why bother asking these questions?

If you are a highly competitive person who likes to work out in a group, CrossFit or something like Orange Theory might be perfect for you.

If you prefer to workout with others but just blend in, maybe try Yoga or a group class like Kickboxing or Zumba.

If you like to exercise outside by yourself, then running or biking may be perfect for you.

If you don’t find out what works for you, you may give up because you tried something that didn’t fit with your style. Just because someone else did it and loved it, or got amazing results doesn’t mean it is what you should do.

There are so many other options and I’d love to help you explore what you might want to try. You can also consult a trainer – I’d love to refer you Courtney Miller who is a Personal Trainer and Certified Athletic Trainer who I partner with twice a year for Lifestyle 4 You.

Having someone on your team to support you can make all the difference to being successful. If I can help support you in any way, please reach out and we can determine the best way to accomplish that.


My Nutrition Thing is located in Bend, OR. Working with me is not limited to Central Oregon. I will arrange to meet with you at a convenient location or online via Zoom meetings.



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