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What is a CSA?


What is a CSA? I’ve been asked this question. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically it is when you “partner” with a local farmer to financially support the Farm, and in that […]

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February Wellness Tip

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2019 Monthly Wellness Tips – 12 things you can do towards Health February   Get rid of toxins in your self-care products! Last month we talked about taking toxins out of our […]

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January Wellness Tip

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2019 Monthly Wellness Tips – 12 things you can do towards Health January Get rid of toxins in your home! So often we think of being healthy as eating right, exercising and […]

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The Stomach Acid Question


Our bodies were built with all the knowledge of how to function optimally; this is called innate intelligence.  As we are exposed to different toxins in our lives whether it is through […]

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Bone Broth

Chicken or Beef Bone Broth   Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 24 – 36 hours Ingredients: Chicken or beef bones (1-2 whole chicken carcass or 1-2 packages of beef bones i.e. ox […]

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The New Normal

Is this your New Normal?

It’s summer and you discover a big hole in your roof… You wouldn’t wait 6 months until winter hits to fix it, so why do that with your health?  You can implement […]

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Progress, Not Perfection!


This has become my mantra with my clients in my Nutrition practice in Bend, Oregon.  So often people beat themselves up because they “blew their diet” by having a sugary treat, or […]

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New Year’s Resolution Revisited


If you’re like most people, you started off the new year with a list of resolutions and… they’re still on your list. Resolutions are generally achieved in the first month or two, […]

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