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Don’t Blow it on the Super Bowl


The big game is coming up, how can you feel successful and confident going into it? You’ve been working hard watching what you eat and exercising. Here are some tips to not get sidetracked by all the appetizers and other party food and stay the course.

  1. Eat before you go – when you go to a party full or at least satisfied, you’re less likely to use the food table as your meal, instead just for snacks. Choose healthy options earlier in the day and eat right before you leave so you’ll be less tempted to dive in and sample everything.
  2. Bring your own drinks – not knowing what your options will be, I recommend bringing your own sparkling water, tea or even alcohol (if you choose) so you know you’re staying on your plan.
  3. If you do drink alcohol, alternate one drink with one glass of water.
  4. Bring food you know you can eat. This way, if everything else is not on your plan, at least you know you can eat what you brought.
  5. Fill up on veggies first – in an effort to stay on your plan, choose to sample some of the various items on the table, taking a small amount to start and filling most of your plate with veggies, and some cheese and meats that contain healthy fats. If you’ve finished your plate and you still want more, then sample other items. This will keep you from inadvertently eating heaps of added sugar that is hidden in sauces, desserts and dips.
  6. Finally, if you end up indulging don’t beat yourself up. Just enjoy what you’re eating or drinking knowing that your next meal will be back on track. There is no need for this to set you back with your goals; life happens and it’s how you manage it that dictates your long-term success.

Enjoy the Game!

Mari Jacobson, FNTP

My Nutrition Thing


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