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May Wellness Tip


It’s my birthday month! Summer is just around the corner and I’d like to claim this as Healthy Habits Month. Time to make small (sustainable) changes to your lifestyle!

Join me in this challenge to add some new Healthy Habits (or change some unhealthy ones) for better health.

It is so easy to say I need to stop this, or start doing that, so why wait. Choose to make changes NOW.

Smoking? Drink too much? Not getting out and exercising? Not eating healthy or taking your supplements? No more excuses!

For the month of May, pick one thing that you can stop doing, or that you want to start doing and make it a priority to get it done. Schedule time for yourself – literally, like on your calendar to ensure you do it.

If you have a “bad” habit you’d like to change, then you need to replace it with something else. Change your routine, find something to distract you or tackle a project that has been put on the back burner. When you put your focus on something else, it will be easier to keep your mind off of what you don’t want to be doing. Spend time outside or schedule time with friends to get you out and doing something else. If you need to seek outside help like a doctor, nutritionist or counselor, then do that.

Adding in new healthy habits can be just as challenging. Enlist friends and family members to help you along the way. Get a group to do it with you and everyone will be better off.

Once you go a month with your new healthy habit, it will be harder to go back and you’ll notice changes to your health, mood, and physical appearance to name a few.

If your changes involve Nutrition, I can help – give me a call to schedule an exploratory session.


My Nutrition Thing is located in Bend, OR. Working with me is not limited to Central Oregon. I will arrange to meet with you at a convenient location or online via Zoom meetings.



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