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New Year’s Resolution Revisited



If you’re like most people, you started off the new year with a list of resolutions and… they’re still on your list. Resolutions are generally achieved in the first month or two, otherwise they are forgotten and discarded, and maybe put on the list for the following year.

It’s not too late to set your sights on those forgotten goals and take steps to get them done before the year is over.

As a Nutritionist, it shames me to admit that I am not a foodie. I never really spent a lot of time cooking or experimenting in the kitchen, so the things I do cook are pretty simple. I get irritated when my family spices up their food after I’ve spent time cooking it – didn’t I do it right?

I decided to keep my list simple for 2016. My New Year’s Resolution was to take a cooking class to learn more about how to use different spices to create some new and exciting recipes for my family.

Fast forward from January 1 to now. November 10, 2016, I signed up for a cooking class – a freezer fill up of 10 recipes. The class starts December 1st so stay tuned for a report back on how it went.

Don’t let lack of time, motivation, experience or money stand it your way of meeting your 2016 Resolution(s).  2017 is almost here and you’ll be making new ones soon.

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