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What is a CSA?


What is a CSA? I’ve been asked this question. It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically it is when you “partner” with a local farmer to financially support the Farm, and in that partnership you share in the risk and reward.


What does this look like? Each year you make an investment into the CSA of your choice (I support the Seed to Table in Sisters), and in return, you receive (typically weekly, in late spring, summer and early fall), a box of fresh veggies and whatever else they offer as part of the CSA (eggs, meat, cheese).


The great part is that you are getting local, organic produce, and supporting your local farmer. The downside is that by partnering (financially supporting) you not only share in the reward, but you share the risk as well. So if there is a frost, bug or animal infestation and they lose all or some of their crop, you also lose out on getting vegetables.


CSA’s are a great way to educate others about the importance of where your food comes from, and when they see the bounty you’re getting each week they want in on it too! Most CSA’s welcome volunteer work on the farms, and offer pick up from the farm, as well as local delivery.


You can find out what CSA’s are in the area at:

The High Desert Food and Farm Alliance

Visiting Central Oregon Locavore gives you access to a year round indoor Farmers Market and they have connections to the various farms and CSA’s as well

Visiting the Farmers Markets during the summer to find out what farms offer CSA’s, it will be too late to get in at that point, but meeting your farmer can give you an idea of who you want to partner with next year.



CSA’s are enrolling right now and most are limited in the remaining spaces available so if you’re interested, sign up right away!!

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